Kerensa DeMars

Kerensa DeMars is a San Francisco based Flamenco dancer, choreographer and instructor. She is the artistic director of the San Francisco Flamenco Dance Company.

The Flamenco Room Archives

A growing collection of images and videos from the Flamenco Room Show. Now in its fourteenth consecutive year,  you can see live Flamenco every Sunday night in the heart of San Francisco at ThirstyBear Brewing Co. & Spanish Cuisine. Check the calendar page for more details and enjoy this living archive!


video gallery

Emilio Ochando Talero dancing at the Flamenco Room February 13, 2011 with Felix de Lola, David Paez and Kerensa DeMars.

Melissa Cruz dancing at Thirsty Bear's Flamenco Room 10 Year Anniversary, San Francisco, September 1, 2013. With Jose Cortes singing, Kenny Parker on guitar, & palmas- Roberto Zamora, Fanny Ara & Kerensa DeMars.